What makes divina different?

many things...

Above all it's our passion for what we do. This isn't a transactional process for us. Take away all the financial aspects behind what we do and you'll find a team who is genuinely passionate about music and creating experiences for our couples. iI's in our hearts, and it translates into every note in the music we play. Hold us to our values on our website to really understand what makes us stand out from the crowd.

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Ceo, Violinist, DJ

Danielle Turano

A wedding day should be full of beauty.

Beauty in each experience is something completely attainable when you allow the following to be part of your experience;

living in the moment,

appreciating with your whole being everything that you created,

and allowing the love of all who have gathered to support you to fill your heart.

In my opinion, music is the key that unlocks these experiences for your consciousness on your wedding day. –  Danielle of Divina





More About Danielle
Miami Heat
I borrowed some vintage platform shoes from a friend for this shoot in Miami. It was July and it was hot and humid. So much that the glue completely melted and fell apart mid-stride.
More About Danielle
A Good Thing
Coffee in the morning. Anything raw vegan. Saratoga Springwater in those fancy blue bottles. I love savory foods: Anchovies, Sardines, Olives, anything with Truffle.
More About Danielle
Hey Mr. DJ?
My favorite DJs are the ones I work with. Sometimes it's super fun to bust out moves even at home to Spotify. I once played an event where Alesso was the DJ.
More About Danielle
Danielle + Evan
My husband and I got married in Iceland. Everyone asks "Why Iceland?" We had our first vacation there together as a couple and we loved it. We even went back for our honeymoon.
More About Danielle
Auntie Martha
Performing at celebrity events is always exciting. The band that I was in at the time was asked to play the reception for Martha Stewarts' nephew's wedding at her home. Everything was so clean, you could eat off the floor in the horse barn.
More About Danielle
Wheels Up
Delta is our preferred airline because they always allow me to put my instrument in the first class coat closet. My bucket destination list consists of retiring in Laguana Beach and traveling to Tibet.
More About Danielle
Just a Babe
So many people ask me how old I was when I started playing? I was 10 years old and I started in my public elementary school with Janet Royce. She is a legend in the pedagogy community.
More About Danielle
Lights Camera!
I love doing photoshoots. There is something about it when I'm in front of the camera. I feel supercharged. I want to create something really unique.

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What makes a Divina Artisti different?

The WOW factor is what we do. From working with planners and brides & grooms, to band leaders, business owners, and photographers, and celebrities; this is what we love to do and we do it with a passion unmatched.

Do you really play using an iPad?

Technology is something we also use to stay ahead of the curve. While music is still mostly printed on paper made from trees, we are forging the way with the use of tablets to reduce paper waste. This simple change keeps the audience’s attention where it belongs: on the music. This also allows us to travel to any location and have an encyclopedic world of music at our fingertips.

I have a whole list of songs that hold special meaning to me. Are you able to learn them?

Yes, we are able to learn, arrange, and perform all different genres of music. Divina offers every client one custom song that is currently not on our list that we will learn especially for your occasion. (We can arrange any extra music for a small additional fee.)

I have a friend who would like to sing at my wedding. Do you play with singers?

We are more than happy to make music with everyone! In order to ensure a perfect performance we do require an addition of one 30 minute rehearsal with our musicians on the day of your event. (Additional rehearsals can be arranged if requested.) Ask us for more details!

How do I book a custom ensemble for my date?

When you have your event date and location, we would be happy to chat with you! Please contact us to start the process of creating custom music for your event.

Where are you based out of?

We have a national and international community of professional musicians worldwide to create the music of your dreams.
Divina Artisti specializes in staffing for events nationally and internationally. Including but not limited to NYC, Upstate NY, The Hamptons, Newport, L.A., Miami, Chicago, Westchester, Hudson River Valley, Cape Cod, M.A., Key West, Sarasota, Seattle, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Santa Barbara, Napa Valley, Palm Springs, Santa Fe, Phoenix. Tuscany, London, Maldives, Shanghai, Bangkok, Singapore, France, and Barbados.
If you can dream it we will create it.

Do you perform outdoors?

Yes, our instruments are completely portable and can accommodate every event. It’s important to be mindful of weather as it can damage our instruments but we are always able to make any scenario work.

Do you come to my wedding ceremony rehearsal?

It is not necessary for us to attend wedding rehearsals as that is a time for you, your wedding party, and your officiant to go over details and logistics. We will work with you before your event to ensure you are comfortable with final decisions and that you will have a smooth and beautiful ceremony!