Electric Violin

Electric violin is perfect for a ceremony, cocktail hour, or dinner and dance party. It can literally do it all. 11/10 recommend if you love violin and love fun this is the perfect pick for your event. You hear Bach to Beyonce with the electric violin. Electric violin does not make a sound on its own so it’s important to have a speaker along with it. Electric violinist can play solo or along with any song on the radio.


Our electric violinists have performed globally and featured in film and television, and for celebrity studded events including for the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuberberg, Martha Stewart, Matt Damon, and many more.

Here is a list of the places the our electric violinist has performed: Kuwait, Italy California, West Palm Beach Florida, Singapore, California (LA area, San Francisco and Napa Valley), Vermont, Texas (Dallas, Austin), including the other state in the US.



What songs can electric violin play?

Electric violinists can perform all the songs that a normal violin would play along. Anything from Bach to Beyonce. Check out our pop and classic repertoire for our most recent songlists.

What if I want the electric violinist to play with tracks?

Your electric violinist can play with any song you want. They can play along to the original recording or can play a 'karaoke' version so it's just violin melody and your favorite song in the background.

Do you have to plug in the electric violin?

YES! The electric violin is just what it sounds like. It's electric and needs power. You will need to purchase the speaker along with your electric violinist to hear the music. it can either be powered through a traditional wall outlet or battery powered for up to 3 hours.

Do you have a list of song?

Yes, please request songs when your contact us to make sure we can play your favorite song. An electric violinist is completely customizable.