Reykjavik, Iceland

May 29, 2017- Inspiration, Destination, Travel, Adventure, Wedding Trends

I had my wedding in Iceland. After 6 months of not planning my husband and I decided to get married in our favorite place, Iceland.  We even chose our favorite location, Hallsgrimskrkja church in the heart of downtown Reykjavik. https://www.visitreykjavik.is/hallgrimskirkja-church. If anyone has ever been to Iceland you know how enchanting it is. The rugged black landscape.  Intoxicating cold air.   Profound food and people. After some convincing, for us was the place to bring all our closest friends and family members. Sjavardgrillid was perfect for a 30 person reception.  Finally, we found the process to be one much easier than planning anything in the U.S.

Flowers by Blóm 

Blóm used cream roses to create the structure for this springtime bouquet. Delivered to the guesthouse close to the church with a smile. Best of all roses are a bride’s dream come true. Most of all we loved the smell of fresh flowers. Almost without hesitation we pressed them and made dried mini bouquets. Later on the plane flight, we were sad we could not take them with us.

Photography- Jeff Hanley Photography

My maid of honor even journeyed all the way to Iceland to sing.  Melanie was also there to help assist with everything I needed. Luckily for me, she also brought her extremely talented boyfriend. Jeff Hanley and his camera just loved capturing us. Enjoy!

Soon we found the perfect rings to last a lifetime. Greenwich Jewelers in New York City was the perfect place. They helped us find and purchase the rings to match our style and budget. Especially, my husband loves to tell me every day how much he loves it!

Finally, all photographs from @jeffhanleyphotography on Instagram.