M + I had a Classical String Quartet for their hilltop ceremony and a pop quartet for their cocktail hour.

“Harmonious Love in Vermont’s Splendor 💍🎻 A blissful celebration of eternal love, as our enchanting string quartet serenades the beautiful couple on their special day in scenic Vermont. The sweet symphony of violins, viola, and cello echoes through the mountains, weaving a timeless melody that mirrors the harmony of their hearts. Cheers to a lifetime of love and joy for the newlyweds! 🎶❤️ #VermontWedding #LoveInStrings #EternalHarmony”

The after-party was a blast with DJ Divina rocking out on her electric violin and DJing for the perfect wedding wrap-up!

“Unforgettable After-Party Shenanigans 🎉🕺💃 When the formalities fade, the real fun begins! Join us as we take you on a wild ride through the craziest after-party wedding you’ve ever seen! 🔥 From dance-offs that rival a dance show to laughter that echoes through the night, this celebration knows no bounds. Cheers to love, laughter, and creating memories that will last a lifetime! 🥂💕 #CrazyAfterParty #WeddingShenanigans #LoveAndLaughter”

Wedding Planner @jaclynwatsonevents
Catering @letspretendcatering
Floral & Decor @birdsofaflower
Cake @vermontsweettooth
Lighting & Drapery @drapeartdesigns
Hair & Makeup @danabartonesalon
Photographer @kateseymourphotography
Linens @bbjlatavola
Entertainment @rodtuffcurlsandthebenchpress
Ceremony Music @divinaartisti
Rentals @vermonttent @peakeventservices
Restrooms 802 Restrooms
Bar @fluidbarservice