As we approach Valentine’s Day I wanted to share my top 5 favorite romantic ceremony songs. These songs are what I have found to be ‘tried and true’. So many of the weddings that I have played use these particular songs. Now I wanted to put them all together in the ultimate ceremony breakdown. These songs include classics and contemporary but never losing the sense of magic and romance that these songs feel when we hear them.

Here is the video I made about my Top 5 song recommendations. I also give a little bit of history about the songs, why it became popular, and then what it sounds like on the violin. I just love performing these songs. I know that you are going to love them too. If you are looking for romantic songs for your wedding look no further. Check out the video to hear them, or read down the list and click on the links to listen to the sample.

If you are looking to make a perfect romantic ceremony then here are my recommendations:

#1- Grandparents/Parents – What a Wonderful World, Louis Armstrong

#2- Processional/ Bridesmaids- Stand By Me, Ben E. King

#3 Grand Entrance – Can’t Help Falling In Love (Elvis Presley Version)

Can’t Help Falling In Love, Haley Rienhart Version

Can’t Help Falling In Love- ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ Version

#4 – Unity Candle/ Sand Ceremony/ Hand Binding – One Hand One Heart, Leonard Bernstein

#5 Recessional- You Are the Best Thing, Ray LaMontague

I hope you enjoyed this complete ceremony breakdown that I created for a perfect romantic ceremony. Every song here is meant to touch your heart and soul to all who listen. And that’s kind of the point. A ceremony is meant to be deep and moving. The party is the party, but the ceremony is just that. A ceremony. A rite of passage. A moment in time. It has meaning and weight in our lives. This music wraps that moment up like a newborn in a cloth. Similar to the Jewish tradition of the marriage shawl being wrapped around the newlyweds at the alter. This moment is meant to wrap this new thing that was just created, this marriage, in beautiful music. There is nothing more celebratory than music, you can dance and drink all you want, but music is what brings it to life.

***If you are looking for my complete recommendation of songs for your wedding CLICK THIS LINK HERE, to purchase my full DIY list of music I know you are going to love. ***