the ultimate cake for cookie lovers!

15 layers of chocolate chip cookies the size of your head and organic buttercream frosting stacked tall, layer cake style.

This month I am celebrating my birthday at our house and of course, I decided to make myself a cake! Of course, I saw a tweet a few days ago from WeddingWire talking about the newest Trends for 2021 and this cake popped up. And I thought, well of course I should make it and see what this trend is all about. To the happiness of my husband, who loves cookies, and especially anything chocolate related. And the dismay of my family, as I would be kicking them out of their kitchen for 2 days straight. At the end of this experiment they inherited and cleaner kitchen and a gorgeous cake to talk about and some leftover roses. I really wanted to see what this “cake” was all about but I didn’t want to spend hours making the batter and then after reading some blogs was warned about possible dangers from using an heirloom recipe. DON’T DO IT, she said. So my brain went to the cheapest and open option to stock up on supplies. WALMART! So grab your keys, about 40 bucks for supplies, and let’s go make this 15 layer, Chocolate Chip Cookie Layer Cake!

Partially store bought and homemade… this is a show stopping design and tastes amazing too!

No, this cake is not your normal cake. This is not just your make your 2 cakes and frost them. Sorry. Hate to break it to you. This requires a little more sweat equity. But I think it’s super worth it to say “Happy Birthday to YOU… you special cookie lover!”

So I know this is kinda like one of those Old Fashioned icebox cakes and a mash-up of something else. Gorgeous ladies like my Auntie “Martha” here have created many amazing cake-ish like desserts that will satisfy any sweet tooth. But they aren’t really cakes, and I sure wouldn’t put red roses on the one Marth made. Sorry, Martha! This definitely took a handful of hours over the course of two days to get it all done (this was my FIRST attempt and I am pretty proud of myself )… I thought I’d share these DIY tricks if you are going to take on this fun and rewarding challenge anytime soon.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

a DYI by Danielle Turano


Step 1: Head to Walmart to grab those ginormous Toll House Pre- Made Cookie Dough logs. Make sure to keep them in the refrigerator as much as possible and do not let them get warm. Using the large ice cream scoop, place one ball of cookie dough onto the parchment-lined cookie tray. I recommend you use the scoop, which is roughly 4-5 oz of dough. This will result in your bottom layer is 6.5-7 inches in diameter.

Step 2: Place the second square of parchment paper on top of the cookie dough. Press firmly with your hand, and then grab your rolling pin to gently press it out to as far the chocolate chips will let you go. Reuse the top square of the parchment paper for each cookie.

Step 3: Remove the top parchment and bake for 9-11 minutes, until lightly golden brown around the edges. I wanted them a little bit more cooked so they would stand up more.

Step 4: Remove cookie from oven and leave till slightly cooler to put into the fridge on a separate shelf for 3-5 minutes. This serves two purposes. 1. to cool your cookie enough to actually get it off the cookie sheet in one piece. 2. To cool your cookie sheet fast enough to touch it and use it to put more cold cookie dough on. Remember: You have a LOT of cookies to make! Repeat Steps 1 through 4 with the remaining cookie dough, making roughly 20 layers. You can double up two trays at a time. make sure to rotate them halfway through the cooking process to create even browning. Then transfer them to the wire rack to cool completely.

Day 2

Step 5: Make the buttercream. The recipe I used can be found HERE and I recommend making a double batch. Put your metal tip into your piping bag and put just enough icing in the bag or you are gonna have a mess!

Step 6: Place cooled cookies directly onto a flat bottomed plate or platter. (If I had to do it over again I would make a little cardboard cake stand, but in this case, I just put a plate upside-down and put the cookie on top of it. Using your piping bag line to the outside edge of the cookie, about 1/4″ away from the edge as smooth as you can, and then fill in the middle with the icing. Repeat for the 8 cookie layer with the large cookies on the bottom. Then use the 7 smaller cookies made with the smaller ice cream scoop to stack on top.

Step 7: Cover with cling wrap and let rest overnight. Cookies with soften slightly and you might put in toothpicks for extra support on the bottom layer. Slice a piece, as each piece is very rich and chocolatey and full of cookie deliciousness. Pour an ice-cold glass of milk, or almond milk and enjoy!

Bakers note: I made about 26-30 cookies just in case I need some extra sizes or different shapes. Some made it into the cake and well others got eaten by my personal cookie monster who loved every imperfect bite. This cake took me about 4.5 hours total over 2 days to make and assemble.

Danielle Turano on divinaartisti.com
Danielle Turano for divinaartisti.com

When I was at the store grabbing my bags of powdered sugar I decided to get 10 stem bouquets of roses to use for decoration and I put 4 on top and then used another one for its petals scattered at the base. I think it turned out really well. I also made a Youtube video about it. You can even watch me taste test it there too. I’ll put the link in here when it’s ready.

I hope you enjoyed this decadent Chocolate Chip Layer Cake!

Happy Birthday to me!