Episode 1 of this Youtube Series “All Things Wedding” with Danielle talks all about the nitty-gritty. The thing that brides struggle with most when looking for the right entertainment… BUDGET.

Below is the transcript for the video.

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Hey! Today we are talking about a band or a dj so let’s get started. Okay so everyone has such an issue with band or dj. ” I don’t know what to choose?!” Do I choose a band that’s gonna play all my favorite songs live? They’re gonna be amazing singers. They’re gonna like get into the crowd and go dancing.” Or do I choose a DJ that are going to play all of my favorite songs that I already know and that I know how it sounds?” And it’s going to be perfect!” One thing that I think is really the deciding factor and that is budget. So you have to know your budget. Wherever you (geographically) are this definitely varies and is not the gold standard at all. Just so you know this in my opinion.

You are looking for a DJ or if you have a budget that is around $1,000 to I would say $5,000. Does that work? That makes sense. You are going to be looking for a DJ! Here’s why. The DJ is usually either one self-sufficient person or it’s going to be two people or three people depending on your production level. That means that it’s going to cost less than the band. That we’re going to talk about in a second. Now all the other add-ons we’re not going to talk about yet that will be for another video. Recap. If your budget is $1,000 to $5,000 dollars you are looking for a DJ.

Got it?

Now) let’s talk about a band. Well bands! They are so much fun! It is like hiring your own private concert for all of your closest family and friends. It is gonna cost more money. There’s nothing…. there’s no way to get around it. If that’s what you have always wanted then your budget should be… I’m gonna start at 8 I know there are bands for less but I… I’m not really gonna recommend them. Why? Because you get what you pay for.

My minimum (recommendation) is $8,000 for a good band too, I would say $50,000 for a really amazing one. (One) of the top bands in the country. Yes! That’s what the price point is. Are you surprised? That’s my opinion and so here’s why. When you are going to be like choosing this dance band the band includes a lot of people. This means, drums, bass, guitar, keyboard, maybe two keyboards, if you’re really like fancy about it. You know you can have one singer, all the way up to, I mean, you can have as many singers as you want. Well that $50,000 is like 10 singers. That’s why it’s going to be so expensive. (Also) depending on where you live and depending on whether or not that includes sound. That’s a whole other video. That is my opinion.

Again let’s recap. You will be looking for a dance band high energy wedding dance band and if your budget is between $8,000 and $50,000.

What if you’re somewhere kind of in between? A little bit more than maybe $3,500 and $5,000. And you’re a little less than $8,000 maybe you’re around that like $6,000 mark. Now what? Do you do like okay great! Can I have both?! Yes you can! So find a really great DJ that you love, then you can take one of those pieces from the live band. I recommend (a) sax player, an electric violin player, if you can find one, guitar players are super cool. You can like have rip over like real solos. You know you can have super cool! (Or a) live percussion player or drummers.

Then you have a DJ and live instrument combo all together for that price. Let’s recap. You will be looking for a combo live ensemble(and) DJ if your budget is between that $5,000 and $8,000 mark. That’s how you’re gonna get the best bang for your buck.”