A work week in our home offices is finally completed. It’s time to close the laptops and open up our ears and our hearts a little bit to some new music created by one of your favorite violin players… *wink wink*

New on the blog today, I created a healing and good vibes playlist just for you. If you meditate (or just like to get a little me time in for your weekend) this playlist was made to release all of the lingering stress in your body. This music is supercharged with good vibes to be sure to feel like being wrapped up in a cozy cashmere blanket or slipping into a piping hot bath! My Good Vibes Meditation Playlist can be downloaded HERE.

Speaking of baths…🛁 For the ultimate pause button check out this Bath Soak by Wella. Every time I use it, it has changed my life. (Well at least the aches in my body!) This is not an ad and I don’t get anything from the recommendation of this product. I just love it so much I think you might, too.

I also have some other playlists that you can find on my Spotify as well. What to expect? You can find my own music there as well as many fun playlists that I’ve already made for fun ‘at-home’ dance parties to romantic dinner music playlists. Click HERE to check it all out.

Happy Friday everyone,